Team time trial taster (stage 2)

Friday 2 July

Tour says “team time trial”, we say – time for this team to try all the local cafes and generally chill out.

Miles cycled: 23, Average speed (mph): 12.4, Max speed (mph): 24.3, Time pedalling: 1hr 48:

We pottered round the time trial course but effectively it’s been a rest day with recovery cycle, a couple of coffees and a picnic lunch, which has been great, even so early on. We’ve also given our bikes (& marmotte) a good clean following yesterday’s sand & salt of passage du gois so they’re ready for anything now!

The atmosphere in les Essarts & around the time trial course today was amazing. We had a chance to stop & take pictures of the many signs & displays no self-respecting village or roundabout on the route would be without (the cyclist on the posters is French favourite Thomas Voeckler who comes from this region- essential info if you’re talking to any local):

The real highlight was seeing the pro teams out recce-ing the course, quite a few in their aerodynamic helmets. Their easy pace was still pretty fast though! It was really exciting for everyone around to see them – everyone (ok, us as well) was like a load of teenagers hanging around to get a glimpse of One Direction, although with a bit less screaming!

See our route & terrain profile from today here


About Sarah & Max

Sarah & Max enjoy endurance challenges in the outdoors. Over the past 12 years they have both run over 10 marathons and cycled over 10,000 miles. Now they are attempting to cycle the entire Tour de France, exactly as the pros do, 2 days ahead of the pro Tour. Daunted - yes? Ready - maybe?...
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2 Responses to Team time trial taster (stage 2)

  1. I don’t know, one stage and then a rest day already! 😉 Hope you enjoyed it, it will soon seem like a dim and distant memory. Forecast I saw yesterday seems like a heat wave is coming your way so take good care. Remember, if you produce 150W at the pedals you are also producing 450W of heat which you’ve then got to get rid of. Pedal easy when you can and stay that little bit cooler.

  2. Beate says:

    So impressed with you guys. Keep the posts coming. Pedal easy, have fun. Beate

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